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SAETEC sas di Luigi Salomoni & C. Via Filippo Tommaso Marinetti 38/40 - 23879 - Verderio (LECCO) - Italy P.I. 01557620133 | Tel. +39 039 511202 | Fax. +39 039 511411 |
We are a firm with many years of experience and activity in mechanical carpentry and metal sheet processing. We build metallic components mainly in metal sheet, in small and medium series, with several processes entirely managed according to the Quality Control System ISO 9000 ...  CONTINUE >>  
PROCESSING We use our fleet of machines continuously updated in order to: Metal sheets cuttting • Tube, pipe and profile cutting LASER C.N. cutting (iron, stainless steel, aluminium) • Metal sheet PUNCHING • Metal sheet FOLDING  Calendering and bending profiles Shearing and moulding Arc welding MIG and TIG (iron, stainless steel, aluminium) • Drilling and threading • Assembleage with tools and nut machines We have also a complete range equipments in order to produce simple moulds and equipped assemblage workbenchs. We are able to supply products including exterior treatment (executed by our qualified and tested suppliers): • Powder coating • Electrolytic galvanization • Hot-dip galvanizing • Chrome plating • Anodic oxidation
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FORNITORE OFFRESI - Metal District Skills 20 - 21 - 22 February 2020 - Erba - ITALY