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FORNITORE OFFRESI - Metal District Skills 20 - 21 - 22 February 2020 - Erba - ITALY
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We are a firm with many years of experience and activity in mechanical carpentry and metal sheet processing. We build metallic components mainly in metal sheet, in small and medium series, with several processes entirely managed according to the Quality Control System ISO 9000 ...  CONTINUE >>  
PRODUCTION Mechanical carpentry and sheet metal machining Saetec is a small-sized company with many years experience specializing in mechanical carpentry and sheet metal machining. We manufacture sheet metal components and parts in small and medium series with high technology equipment. We process metal, inox, aluminium and copper, but also material supplied by the customer. We develop customized drawings and projects according to the technical specifications and rules in force, starting from the customer’s functional requirements.   We are able to supply both small raw products and finished products including treatments, assembly, packaging and testing. We operate in many sectors: electronics, plants, air and water treatment, electronics, industrial machinery and equipment, advertising displays, furniture, etc..
SHEET METAL FABRICATION PARTS Panels and frames Brackets and profile Bent sheet metal boxes
COSTUM SHEET METAL PRODUCTS Electrical enclosures Laboratory tables Special metal cabinets Bodyworks for machinery
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