Technological expressions
INDUSTRIES SECTORS Energy Saetec is on the side of buiders of equipments for energy generation and of processes for renewable energy; starting from light whole structeres jointed up to simple assembly kit composed of brackets, chucks and plates; besides panels system for protection, covering, cladding, soundproofing, carpentries composed of electric circuits in copper bars and with the right electric accessories. We project and we produce, in collaboration with our costumers, the right solutions for the metallic structural part of your equipment or your process. Architecture Saetec produces panels and light metallic components in order to offer architectural solutions in the field of facades and frameworks for cover areas complementary to carrying structure/frame. Coverings with sunbreak effect, anchoring or handling devices of panels systems, frames with light panels in order to obtain the division of internal or external spaces, all of these are examples of our production capacity with metal processing, in particular with metal sheet in all his technical characteristics. We operate in many sectors: electronics, plants, air and water treatment, electronics, industrial machinery and equipment, advertising displays, furniture, etc..
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We are a firm with many years of experience and activity in mechanical carpentry and metal sheet processing. We build metallic components mainly in metal sheet, in small and medium series, with several processes entirely managed according to the Quality Control System ISO 9000 ...  CONTINUE >>  
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